Aware that children's sleep must be protected to guarantee them sweet dreams that allow them to grow up quietly, Madame Huguette has decided to develop in her workshop a series of machines to catch monsters from under bed and closet which have an unfortunate trend to disrupt the sleep of the little ones.

Although the Multiplex Tracker has solved the problem of monsters of all kinds in the bedrooms of many children around the world, Madame Huguette has found that many children, unable to carry their Tracker, dreaded bedtime when they slept. with their grandparents or friends.

Madame Huguette therefore thought of a mobile model, more compact, lighter, but still as effective against monsters. She therefore introduces you to the Arponator S88.

Easily transportable and equipped with a wireless battery system, your child can take it everywhere with him during his pajama parties or visit to grandparents and thus sleep soundly.

Usage tips :

When the child goes to bed, all you have to do is activate the box on the back of the trap. A lumineiux indicator lights up, guaranteeing the correct functioning of the device.

For a better result, it is recommended to place in the machine, one or more of the monsters which disturb the child so that they serve as bait to attract their congeners.

Each element is carefully sourced by Madame Huguette and assembled by hand. Each piece is unique.

This object is not a toy but a decorative object.

Box dimensions: H11cm L15cm P8cm

Harpooner S93