Aware that children's sleep must be protected to guarantee them sweet dreams that allow them to grow up quietly, Madame Huguette has decided to develop in her workshop a series of machines to catch monsters from under bed and closet which have an unfortunate trend to disrupt the sleep of the little ones.

The Multiplex H20 Squid Stalker is an extremely reliable and easy-to-use machine. She presents no danger to children but is ruthless to under bed and closet monsters.

Usage tips :

When the child goes to bed, connect the tracker to the mains and activate the switch. A warning light comes on, guaranteeing the correct operation of the machine.

Daily use is recommended to ensure the best possible quality of sleep.

For a better result, it is recommended to place in the machine, one or more of the monsters which disturb the child so that they serve as bait to attract their congeners.

Each element is carefully sourced by Madame Huguette and assembled by hand. Each piece is unique.

This object is not a toy but a decorative object.

Box dimensions: H13cm L20cm P11cm

The Multiplex Tracker