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COLLECTION: Our friends the "Beasts"


Basic principle: Madame Huguette loves animals!

She shares her life with Monsieur Pitou, a black cat full of mischief whose secret life

is full of adventures and twists and turns.

It was through their long conversations that Madame Huguette found inspiration.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

A dog's life

The expression "a dog's life" was not born by chance. Your four-legged companion is a depressive being who is bored on a daily basis and whose miserable existence is only punctuated by the return of his master from the wide world "beyond the door of the house".

So a small group of canine inventors strove to create accessories allowing their fellows to find a taste for life. Madame Huguette, as a generous patron of these canine benefactors, embroiders the visuals of their inventions for them.

The four-legged heroes

The cat Pitou told Madame Huguette his terrible secret. Some evenings, he joins his friends on the rooftops to participate in cosplay conventions.

Less cabotins than dogs, cats have decided to trust Madame Huguette to make their hand-embroidered portraits.